How Vitalion works

(Food) plants and fish thrive in water – the elixir of life – in symbiosis. In the cycle, the excretions of the fish are fed to the plant roots by a method of simulating the ebb and flow of tides. The plant roots filter the water. The fish excretions serve as an efficient organic fertilizer for the plants. The clarified water is enriched with oxygen and circulated back to the fish.


Power object under extraordinary conditions

A place of power in nature offers exceptional conditions for the area immediately surrounding it. The combination of essential components supporting each other creates a unique atmosphere.

Thus, the groundwater of an oasis provides algae with a cyclical basis for life. Algae absorb CO2 from the water and air and in the course of this process enrich both with oxygen, the basis for animal life.

Fish excrement, in turn, is needed by the organisms living in the soil as a basis for life. It is their metabolic production that enables the plants to thrive.

The plants regulate the climate in their environment with their shade and by binding water in their roots. During evaporation, CO2 is again absorbed and oxygen is released into the air, the basic requirement for creatures that use lungs to breathe.

Each of these components interacts with other cycles in its own cycle. The result of this altruistic cyclical behaviour is the provision of an especially benign climate. Vitalion uses this effect to enrich the room climate.

Important points to observe

  • Only fresh water dwellers (fish, crabs, shrimps, prawns...) are suitable for aquaponic systems.
  • Plants that love moisture and nutrients feel comfortable in an aquaponic system.
  • Primarily plants with a maximum growth height of 70 cm should be cultivated in the Vitalion.
  • Plants with extensive root growth are suitable for use to a limited extent only, as they may block the piping.
  • It is advisable to avoid the cultivation of root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes or beetroots. There is a risk of rotting due to the fruit growing underground.
  • The use of chemicals must be avoided at all costs and can lead to the collapse of the aquaponic system.

The philosophy behind it

„A good office is like a greenhouse: where plants grow, blossom and flourish, people can also surpass themselves, grow and blossom.“

Excerpt from the book: Officina Humana

The most sought-after qualities in our society are creativity, motivation and productivity. Work-life balance and team orientation shift into focus. In addition to the growing necessity for “localization”, i.e. for physical objects and places, the digital age is characterised by desire to experience freedom and nature. Biophilic design meets this need, as a living environment boosts inspiration, motivation and innovative power. It is easier to establish contacts, to recruit top-class employees, etc.

Based on this knowledge, completely new concepts and opportunities for architects and entrepreneurs are emerging.

Positive influence

Water is the experimental field of evolution, the origin of life and a driving force behind human technology.

The colour green and the element water have been proven to positively influence stress reduction and cognitive ability.

Since time immemorial, the Fish has been a symbol of happiness, wealth and good harvest.

Aesthetics with added value


Diversity of


The brain behind the concept



Erwin Teufel · Aquaponic Designer
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Personal consultation

In order to take full advantage of Vitalion’s wide variety of design options,
we offer a consultation at IG Architektur in Vienna, where a showpiece is on display.