Vitalion – the biophilic power object as an energy source

Vitalion has adopted the concept of aquaponics. Here, (food) plants and fish thrive in symbiosis and benefit from each other’s growth. In addition to increasing room climate efficiency, Vitalion offers a wide range of creative freedom and thus supports the desire for individuality. The finished design, a unique living display, underlines and strengthens corporate culture both internally and externally.

The interaction of cycles

Biophilie Design im Office

Aesthetics with added value


Diversity of design


The brain behind the concept



Erwin Teufel · Aquaponic Designer
+43 678 121 53 70 ·

Personal consultation

In order to take full advantage of Vitalion’s wide variety of design options,
we offer a consultation at IG Architektur in Vienna, where a showpiece is on display.