Biophilia – the extra portion of nature

Natural elements in living and working environments have a direct and measurable influence on stress reduction and cognitive ability.

The permanent artificialisation of the everyday world has become a matter of course and is an increasing source of stress. This is where Vitalion, with its added value, comes in. Fish and plants optimally appeal to our senses and abilities. Vitalion offers temporary space for natural regeneration.

“People who feel at home at their place of work do their work with much greater pleasure and are less often ill. They are also better able to cope with stressful situations and their creativity and productivity are markedly higher.” (See Human Spaces Report: Global Research into Biophilic Design)

The effects on corporate costs are gratifyingly positive.

Windows into nature

Vitalion regards itself as a unique showcase into a microcosm of nature. Water, the elixir of life, connects fish with plants within an illuminated frame. An island of life in the room. A fascinating, inspiring natural show.

  • Appealing to all the sensens Vitalion tempts its users to snack on health and performance-enhancing herbs.
  • Vitalion creates a special atmosphere and invites you to linger. It encourages you to think outside the box, and to have a fertile exchange of thoughts on whatever you happen to be discussing.
  • The installation has a dynamic effect. It invigorates, soothes, partitions and unites areas in the room.

A unique creation for corporate culture

Vitalion strengthens corporate culture through individual adaptation to spatial conditions and your unique corporate identity.

Vitalion offers a wide range of customisation options:

  • Choice of colour of frame and surfaces
  • Space for presenting logos, quotations or pictures
  • Lighting
  • Fish tank equipment
  • Mix of plants

Whether food plants, herbs or flowers – the design variations are manifold. In addition to the visual attractiveness, plants also give off delightful scents.

Energy efficiency in rooms

The feel-good temperature is in the range of 20 to 23 degrees Celsius at 50 to 60% air humidity. Air conditioning systems are energy guzzlers. Each degree of temperature change requires an extra 5 to 6 % of energy input. Vitalion reduces energy consumption.

The right plant mix as well as periodically activating the water cycle, significantly increase evaporation capacity. Vitalion effectively humidifies the air, thus directly saving energy and costs.

Investing in a green working environment really pays off and, according to the calculations of an EU cost-benefit analysis on the topic of office greening, usually amortises within the first year.

Effects on well-being & productivity

The “Sick Building Syndrome” has become a catch phrase in the USA. Heating and air conditioning cause the mucous membranes to dry out. Immunity decreases. Illness- related employee absences increase.

Vitalion helps to counteract this, because it

  • invigorates all the senses! And yes, you can even enjoy tasty snacks
  • simultaneously promotes relaxation & concentration
  • increases creativity & motivation
  • enhances efficiency & productivity
  • activates room dynamics by humidifying the air and filtering out pollutants.

Water promotes growth – whether of a plant, a person, an idea or a social group.

The social dimension

The majority of all innovative ideas originate from communication. Creativity and communication culture are more in demand than ever before. For this it is necessary to have a stimulating communication zone in the company.


Vitalion fulfils the function of a medieval fountain on the market square. A central place offering neutral topics for discussion. The simple viewing of the symbiotic spectacle of nature and the nurturing of the urban garden stimulate and motivate their “gardeners”.

Vitalion has the ability to promote relationships and personal interactions and strengthen communities. And it strengthens the corporate culture – both internally and externally.

The interaction of cycles


Diversity of


The brain behind the concept



Erwin Teufel · Aquaponic Designer
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Personal consultation

In order to take full advantage of Vitalion’s wide variety of design options,
we offer a consultation at IG Architektur in Vienna, where a showpiece is on display.