Every room, its atmosphere and the way it is used are unique. To allow for this, Vitalion’s technical design focuses on integration. However, practical integration does not end with acquisition.
The Vitalion team supports you in the planning process, takes care of the installation, commissioning and, if required, regular maintenance of the system, in keeping with the concept of a cycle.


There is a wide selection of colours available for powder coating the frame, offering a wide variety of possibilities. The RAL colour system encompasses a wide range of colours, from subtle light grey and soothing dark green to bright signal orange.

The use of high-quality UV-stable compact panels as a facing module expands the possibility of individualisation. In cooperation with our partner, not only different colours and decors can be used here, but also individual photos or graphics can be stored secure from any manipulation.

Refresh your inspiration!


From NASA to Feng Shui: recommendations for equipping rooms with plants.

To support you, we offer a list of useful plants with notes on growth height, application possibilities and possible medical properties.

The bold sections in the planting list indicate plants that are primarily used for air quality improvement.

Fish tank equipment

The fish tank is the fuel cell of the aquaponic system. The design of the basic product is composed of gravel soil (colours can be selected), clay tube architecture and organic bog wood roots.

This equipment is adapted to the companionship of bristlenose catfish  and
veiltail goldfish, which we recommend for the fish tank.

In cooperation with a 3D printing specialist, you can create your own underwater world. Whether it’s a company logo, an architectural highlight or an underwater sculpture park, there are virtually no limits set to creativity.


Varied choice of reflectors within the following parameters:

  • total reflector height set at 25 cm
  • E27 socket for the LED growth lamps
  • Light emission diameter 25 cm


In order to be able to plan the acoustic properties of the room in advance, we recommend bringing in a room acoustician. The RoomEchoApp gives you a first impression of the acoustics in the planned room.

vitalion biophilie auqaponics design icon

Prerequisites for use

  • Stable, horizontal floor surface with a
    load carrying capacity of 750 kg
  • Power supply 230 V/50 Hz, direct connection,
    not via a switch
  • Water connection at a max. distance of 25 m
    for the one-time filling of the system.
  • Room height min. 250 cm
  • Free installation space 200 × 220 × 65 cm (H × W × D)

Downloads for planners/designers

The interaction of cycles


Aesthetics with added value


The brain behind the concept



Erwin Teufel · Aquaponic Designer
+43 678 121 53 70 ·

Personal consultation

In order to take full advantage of Vitalion’s wide variety of design options,
we offer a consultation at IG Architektur in Vienna, where a showpiece is on display.